Smart Buy

What is the Smart Buy Program?
The Smart Buy Program (CU Program) at Matthews Kia gets you into a New Vehicle (or up to 5 years old) for lower monthly payments for 24 to 72 months without having to pay a down payment or security deposit. With the CU program you own the vehicle, and it is titled in your name. No down payment and even the taxes and registration fees can be included in your payment plan.

Commonly Asked Questions:
What are my mileage limitations?  Mileage plans are flexible! You can choose 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 or 18,000 miles per year option and if you go over your chosen milage, it's only 10 cents per mile. However, fees may apply if you "walk-away" from your vehicle.

What are my options at the end of term?  With the Smart Buy Program, you can trade it in and apply positive equity toward your next vehicle, keep the vehicle by making final payment, or turn in the vehicle and walk away from the final payment!

What are the benefits of the Smart Buy Program? You get to drive a new car, which is safer and lower maintenance, you get MORE car for your money and drive a BETTER car for the same amount of money as a conventional loan but with lower payments. There will be NO back-end surprises, no first & last payments required, no security deposits, no early payoff penalties and a realistic residual value!

How is the residual value calculated?  This is calculated based on the term of the loan you select, using industry-approved guidelines.

Can I pay it off early? Yes. Unlike a lease, where an early termination fee may apply, that is not the case with the CU Program.

 Financing Option Conventional Loan Smarty Buy
 Loan Amount $50,000 $50,000
 Monthly Payments $959 $662
*Payments 1-59 are $662 with a 60th payment of $23,947 @ 6.85%, 12,000 miles per year, AFG Lending 

Matthews Kia's Smart- Buy Program offers up to a 40% lower payment than Traditional Financing! Let us help you get into a New Vehicle (and in some cases Preowned vehicle) without hassles... and lower payments!



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